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Valerie caplin(a few years ago)

Dearest St Andrews - staff and pupils, I have had a lovely time running Let's Get Started Art Club with you, and I will miss everything about it. Children look at the world in such a unique way that they are always a great creative inspiration and your school has such a wonderful ethos that I hope will always continue. I hope you all have a fabulous summer break, I'll think of you all often when I am down in Somerset - I've added a summer poem to get you in the mood and conjure up a few warm images. Goodbye and best wishes from Valerie Caplin x SUMMER The cool of the water, the heat of the sky, The green of the grass, the sun blinded eye. The buzz of a bee and pollen on tap, The chirp of a cricket, a midnight rap. The breeze in the air, a once refreshed brow, The heat soaked pavement, no soles will allow. A seat in the shade, the wild scent of a rose, Chilled pink lemonade, excitement that grows. A warm sultry evening and gay lit fiesta, A rumba finale, long after siesta. Still lake of the sea, as black as the night, Fathoms of silence, the din at first light. Fresh dew of the morning, a butterflies wings, The sun rising high, her rays outward flings. The sand under foot of saffron and gold, Enjoy each precious sense, winter’s on hold. By V. Caplin

David Smith(a few years ago)

What a wonderful Wonka fair yesterday. We came with our grand-daughter and we all enjoyed it hugely. Something for everyone. Parents,staff and governors had worked so hard to create lots of imaginative and fun things to do. Thank you.

david adams(a few years ago)

Dear St. Andrew's Infants I really enjoyed your wonderful Nativity Play which recounted the story of the birth of Jesus so movingly. The songs kept my feet tapping, the costumes were colourful and imaginative, everyone had learned their words and movements on and off the stage were tiptop. Thanks to all of you, children and adults, for bringing the story of the Nativity of Our Lord to us this Christmas. With best wishes and love from St. Andrew's Parish David (Adams)


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  Patricia Ellis, Mayor of Waverley BC Cranleigh    

I really enjoyed vising your lovely school again yesterday evening and it bought back some happy memories of when I came to see you earlier in the Autumn. The decorations made by the children were much admired by everyone and were imaginative, colourful and beautifully displayed. With all good wishes to everyone at St. Andrews School for a very Happy Christmas and a good New Year. Best regards. Patricia Ellis.

  Issie Farnham    

I am in Year 1 and I am an Owl. I like writing, drawing and playing. I like my teachers a lot because they are kind and happy. My classroom is brilliant because of the tables. I love playing in the playground and am really looking forward to playing with the new play equipment. I like the whole school.

  Janet Farrugia, Speech and Language Therapist Bookham, Surrey    

I have been visiting St Andrew's on a weekly basis to work with one particular pupil who has speech difficulties. I have been made to feel very welcome at every visit. I have been impressed by the caring attitude of the staff who have given me time to talk to them each week about this pupil's progress and how they can help. All the pupils present as happy and relaxed in the small, caring environment at St Andrew's . St Andrews is a school all teachers and pupils can be proud of and I very much enjoy my time there.

  Patricia Ellis, Mayor of Waverley BC Cranleigh    

Thank you for inviting me for a most enjoyable visit to St Andrews school, where I was made so welcome by everyone. It was a great joy to meet all of the utterly delightful children and I was very proud to help present the certificates and medals to those who had successfully completed the summer reading scheme, which was organised by the Farnham Library in conjunction with SCC. The children were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the wonderful books that they had read and were all clearly very well supported by their parents, the school and Steve from the Library. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.

  Lynne Rapson (nee Arundell) Headley, Hants    

Visited school on Sat 14th as part of heritage weekend. First visit since I left in July 1959 as an 11 year old on way to FGGS. A real trip down memory lane and I remember my days at the school with lots of happy memories.

  Toby Farnham    

Very nice website. I really like the design

  Helena Luxton Farnham, England    

I am a year 2 Kingfishers and I love St Andrews it is the best school in town. All the teachers have been very kind to me. I love literacy and when it is hard the teachers always help me. My head teacher is great!

  Lou & Jon James Farnham    

Confidence in adulthood comes from people believing in you when you are small; helping you to stand taller in your new school shoes; not judging you because you do not run with the herd, but celebrating your difference, whatever it is; whoever you are. The staff at St Andrews do this; in a way that is increasingly rare in a world where other schools, in dancing to the tune of league tables and Ofsted inspectors, cease to notice the little steps that each child bravely makes, at their own pace, in that initial journey from home to school. Nurturing the individual and developing their curiosity for life and for learning is St Andrew's greatest strength and I look forward to watching the school continue to grow in its own unique way, as my children have too,after spending time there.

  Lorna Gurney Farnham, Surrey    

St Andrews has been a great introduction to school for my son who is in reception. ALL the staff are great and get to know all the children really well so that they can help them to achieve their best. My son is so happy to go to school and get into his class and get on that I am lucky if he remembers to look back to say goodbye!

  Elley Farnnham    

I started my academic journey at St Andrews in 1996 and I couldn't have asked for a better introduction into education. Both my younger brother and sister were taught at the school and we all look back on our time there with fondness. I always enjoyed taking part in school events and there was never a dull moment in the classroom. My teachers were friendly and kind and it was their influence that has helped to make me the person I am today. I've really enjoyed looking at this fantastic website - it has brought back lots of lovely memories. Thank you.

  Grace Cooper Farnham    

When I first started school I was a bit shy. Also when I started I found it tricky when my Mummy left me in the mornings. But now it's easy! I have made lots and lots of friends that I will go to South Farnham with. I don't want to leave St.Andrews. I will never ever ever forget about it.

  Adeeba Qureshi Farnham, England.    

St Andrews is a very welcoming and nurturing school, which instills confidence in its children from the beginning. Whilst having church ties, it still leaves this aspect completely open for the parent to decide the level of involvement they would like. As somebody of another ethnicity and religious background and leaning, I feel myself and my child were made to feel very welcome here. We will hold it in fond memory and regard. Thank you for everything!

  George bray Farnham    

I like my school very much. I'm a year 1 in kingfishers and I like maths and ict but I particularly like golden time on a Friday. The teachers are all really nice and I'm very happy there.

  Joe Saggers Farnham    

I love going to St Andrews school. I love the playgound. My favourite subject is numeracy. I like all my teachers because they are very kind. I learn lots of things every day. Going to St Andrews every day makes me very happy.

  Mrs Caplin Farnham    

I'm running the art club at St Andrew's and enjoying every minute - such great kids and staff! I look forward every week to Tuesday afternoons!

  Aalya Qureshi Farnaham, England    

I really like St Andrews. One of the things I like the most are the teachers because they always give us lots of work to do. My favorite subject is I.c.t. I like making new friends, and my favorite game in school is 'It'. Thank you for the improvement made to the school.

  Evie Boyles Farnham Surrey    

I like school because our teachers help us to spell words out and help us to count. My teahers are happy and they are never sad or angry. I feel happy at school because my friends are never mean.I think everyone should come to my school because people are friendly and they never push people over on purpose. My school is so much fun.

  Joe Ridler Farnham    

I like going to St Andrews because I like playing in the playground. I enjoy Maths and think my teachers are brilliant. I like Mrs Venables because she takes the time to talk to me. I like writing with Mrs Gregory and enjoy my classes with Mrs Brett. I like being in the school council and would like to be a play leader when I am in Year 2.

  Amelia Collins Farnham    

When I first started school I found it hard when my Mummy left me in the mornings. Now I find it easy! I also go into school on my own. I really enjoy school! My favourite part of school is literacy plus on Tuesday when I read with Mrs Byus. I love being at St Andrews!

  Jessica Albert Farnham    

I really love going to school at St Andrews in Robins class. I have made lots of friends who I like playing with. I would like to thank the teachers for setting out the colouring and sticking, as this is my favourite thing to do.

  Georgie Pettengell Farnham    

When I first started school I was a little bit shy,but now I am in year 2 I can say my lines and even sing in front of an audience. I love school because all the teachers are lovely and I have made lots of new friends. My favourite part of the day is literacy plus, especially on Mondays when we read with Mrs Byus. I also love it when Mrs Venables reads us a story in assembly. I leave in the summer but will never ever ever forget St Andrews School.

  Bella Pettengell Farnham    

I love going to St Andrews School because we do letters and sounds with Mrs Durack. This has taught me to read and now I love books. My favourite time is on Fridays when we have golden time, and I can play with my sister in any classroom.

  Annabel Bray Farnham    

When I was at st andrews I really enjoyed it.My best lesson was maths but I liked golden time too. When it's golden time you can do lots of things like I.c.t and Colouring too, and when it's warm outside you can even go outside and go on the bikes and trikes its so fun.I also liked the teachers they were so funny. I miss St. Andrews but i'll always remember it.

  Emily Benn Leicester, UK (Emily on holiday)    

I'm half way through my last year at St Andrews Infant School and when I leave I will really really really miss it. I really like the teachers and all my year one friends because it is fun and it is really nice at St Andrews Infant School. I love doing my writing with Mrs Byus it is really good.

  Tilly E Farnham UK    

I really like my school. One of the things I like the most is the teachers: they are so kind and fun. I also enjoy playing with children from other years and classes. We all like eachother and look out for eachother. I especially like the headteacher because she is very kind and she reads us stories before goldentime. One of my favourite subjects is art. I love the art we do at st andrews. I also enjoy numeracy and literacy. I'm so pleased I'm at St Andrews.

  Alex Farnham    

I was nervous about school when I started at St Andrews. Now I am one of the big children and enjoy being at school. I like acting in the plays and playing games n the school fairs. We have been learning new games, from Mrs Venables, to play in the playground. This has helped us to play nicely. I like being a play leader a lot and looking after my sister and the other younger children. My favourite things at school are art, Maths, literacy +, reading books and playtime. When I first started school, I did not know how to do Maths or writing; now I can do both. I am looking forward to going to my next school, but I will never forget my teachers at this school. Thank you!

  Victoria Farnham    

My two children have attended St Andrews school and the nurturing, caring environment the school offers has given them the best start into their education. They are always happy to attend school and have a positive attitude to learning which they can take forward into later life. They have made some wonderful friends and so have we as parents. Its a very special school that we are all very fond of :)

  Sami Farnham    

My son, the youngest of his year/class, had a great start at St Andrews. He loves school - he never moaned about going to school. He enjoys everyday and receives fantastic personalised support. We parents made lots of friends thanks to St Andrews, everyone staff, teachers and parents are very supportive and helpful. A great community! An outstanding experience.

  Anna Farnham    

Beautiful on the inside and out - this is how I would describe St Andrews school. Not only is it a beautiful building but what goes on inside is amazing; teachers that care and take the time to understand the children individually. The children are given a thorough basic education and in addition are encouraged to learn a variety of other skills, mixing with children in older years, growing things at the school allotments, all of which are a great start to the real world. There is also lots of help and support from the parents which make each school event so successful and provides an inclusive family feel. Because the school is so pleasant and well run, it means that my children from the outset have enjoyed school and I hope this will stay with them throughout their education. I believe that it is the perfect nurturing environment for my children from 4-7 and hopefully my third son will start this September. For me, St Andrews will have given them the best possible start Farnham can offer as they embark on their education journey.

  Louise Farnham    

Both my boys attended this wonderful school. St Andrew's offers a supportive and nurturing start to school life, equipping them with the skills they need to make the next transition (and the one after that!) with confidence and ease. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to give their little ones the best possible start.

  Rebecca Mudde Cranleigh    

What a super website! I started my teaching career at St Andrew's. I was Miss Walters then, and really loved my years as a teacher there. I love looking on here and seeing what everyone is up to and how things have changed. St Andrew's is such a special school and has a very special place in my heart.

  W & T Farnham    

We had a lovely time at St Andrews. The teachers were really kind and supportive. We made many friends that we are still friends with today. We loved Golden Time, bikes and trikes and drawing. Singing was fun especially at assemblies in the Church and hall with Mum and Dad watching. Sports Day was the best at the library field, PE was great in the sunshine! We learnt to read, write, play and have fun! Thank you :)

  Jo Farnham    

Our son is extraordinarily happy at St Andrews. From the first time we looked around we sensed a caring and friendly atmosphere which premiated through the whole School. Academic standards are very high and all the children are enthusiastic learners. We look forward to our daughter starting soon. We know her education will have a fantastic foundation at St Andrews.

  RC Farnham    

St Andrews gave our son a brilliant start in his school education. The teachers and assistants are excellent and very dedicated. We felt they really knew our child and how to bring out the best in him. The school has always enjoyed great leadership and a highly supportive body of parents.

  Sam Farnham    

St Andrew's is a great school. I had a fantastic time while I was there and remember well the Pirate Ship in the playground and being a Giraffe in the Leavers' Assembly. I also remember Golden Time. Some of the friends I made there continue to be my friends now. What an excellent place to start school.

  Kris Farnham, Surrey    

St Andrew's has been a fantastic start to our children's education. They have both been consistently happy there & have developed a genuine love of learning & a sense of pride in acquiring knowledge. The staff are hard-working, enthusiastic & well led by Jayne - a very capable head teacher. The PTA events are always good fun - for both the children & the adults & the school engenders a real sense of community & friendship amongst the parents.

  Jenny Farnham    

My two eldest children had a wonderful time at St Andrew's. As very different characters, their needs were catered for in a caring and nurturing environment. They both developed a solid basis in their education and a real love of learning. St Andrews is welcoming and both us as parents and the children have strong friendships that were formed in our time at the school. We all have very fond memories.

  Darren Sturch Farnham    

Years after attending St. Andrew's I came into the School where my Mum works. It's good to see the school again and it was how I remembered it, a happy place to be!

  Hayley Farnham    

St Andrew's is a wonderful school which has a special place in my heart. My four sons had the most fantastic start to school life there. Each one was valued for his unique character as well as being encouraged and inspired to learn and love learning! The nurturing, happy environment meant that, alongside all their educational achievments, they all left with bags of confidence and a deepened sense of self-worth. Thank-you to all involved

  Millie Taylor Farnham    

I loved my 3 years at St Andrew's!!!! It was brilliant because I made lots of friends, and the teachers were very helpful and made learning fun! I especially enjoyed one of my first trips to West Wittering, it was so windy and rainy that we called it "Wet Wittering"!! I enjoyed the Learning Tools Tango, especially the 'Managing Distractions Hat'!! I also remember meeting the Duke of Kent when he came to open the Rocket Room, that was a special day!! WELL DONE ST ANDREW'S AND THANKS TO ALL THE TEACHERS AND STAFF!!

  Millie Taylor Farnham, Surrey, England    

I loved St. Andrews!!!!! It was brilliant!! I remember one of my first trips at West Wittering with Miss Laver, we all called it "Wet Wittering" because it was raining cats and dogs!!!!! It was REALY upsetting when I left because I kept on thinking about all the fun things we did (like golden time) :) P.s. all of the teachers were brilliant too!!!!

  Jacqui Farnham    

My children are both at St Andrew's, in year 2 and reception. St Andrew's has been a wonderful start to their school experience. I am constantly impressed at their progress, at the high standards expected of them and at how eager they are to learn more and to do well. Alongside this, the school enables them to explore ideas, to express their opinions and to be creative. They clearly feel valued as individuals yet know how to behave as part of the school community. Under the leadership of Jayne Venables the school seems to be going from strength to strength.

  Helen Macklin Farnham    

I have been involved with St. Andrew's School since the early seventies. It was a very happy caring school then, when my children were young, and still has the same vibrant atmosphere some 30 to 40 years on. Now, I am a helper, listening to the 6/7 year old children reading and feel what a great privilege it is to be here with such a welcoming staff and pupils. Long may it continue! Helen Macklin

  David Baker Farnham    

Choosing our son's first school was an easy decision for us when we visited St Andrew's Infant School. We knew the moment we walked in and met the teachers that this was where we wanted Harry to start his education - in a caring, warm and enthusiastic environment in the heart of Farnham. We have no regrets and we have very fond memories of the years spent at St Andrew's.

  Sue Farnham    

I have had two children go through St Andrew's School and both loved it. I chose it because of it's caring and creative atmosphere. It seems to have equipped them both very well for their moves to junior school. I particularly liked the use of 'learning tools' as they encourage problem solving and self reliance.

  Michelle Farnham    

St Andrew's is a fantastic school which has provided my children with the perfect start to their education. The staff work extremely hard, instilling a real love of learning in the children which they take with them when they leave. We feel very lucky to have found a school which educates to such a high standard in such a caring and happy atmosphere.

  Jackie Farnham    

St Andrews has the most perfect package of nurture and education for your little ones. Both my boys are there and it truly is a lovely school. All teachers are so committed and have excellent leadership from the head. It's a shame we don't have more schools with the same Ethos around us

  George Farnham    

I remember well the first day I came to look around the school with my youngest son, when we moved to Farnham from London. It was such a happy atmosphere, the children's laughter was everywhere. I loved the school plays and our son Charlie was a policeman. He has taken his love and respect for school with him. St. Andrew's is a wonderful caring environment in which to start your school life.

  Sam Acres Farnham, Surrey    

I have been the SCL football coach at St Andrews for nearly three years now, having worked with many children in the school, you get the impression that the staff at St Andrews make school life for the children enjoyable and this reflects in the atmosphere around the school. Being a Farnham residient I enjoy working at the school and find it amazing that my grandmother actually went to this very school in the class of '55

  Michael Farnham    

We are lucky to have a school as wonderful as St Andrew's. Both my boys went there and thoroughly enjoyed the start to their education. Some of the friends they made there, continue to be their friends today. I remember well the Christmas plays. A fantastic school at the heart of the community. Well done St Andrew's.

  Hugo Farnham    

St Andrews was a really great school and i really enjoyed my time there. I still have lots of great memories of fun that I had when I was there and I still remember things like Mrs Rouse teaching me division. I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.

  Hilary Farnham    

My two boys had a lovely time at St. Andrews. They both thrived in an atmosphere where learning was made fun and exciting. As for us parents, we appreciated the warmth, enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff, children and other parents. A brilliant little school!

  Helen Farnham    

My three boys attended St. Andrew's which I chose as it had such a friendly family feel. They all thrived in such a caring environment which gave them the best possible start to their school life. All the staff at St. Andrew's contribute to giving children the confidence to tackle new challenges at their future schools. My boys all have fond memories of the school and I'm so pleased that they started their learning journey at St. Andrew's. Thank you.

  Kathy Farnham    

Both my sons attended St. Andrew's Infant School and they absolutely loved it. We have so many happy memories of the time they were there...releasing the butterflies, digging in the allotment, a trip to the beach and signs of Rudolph in the playground at name just a few!

  Roo Farnham    

All 5 of my children have been through St Andrews, and this will be my last of 14 years! They have all had a thoroughly happy time and many good friendships have been formed over the years (the children and me!) The staff show amazing kindness which creates the caring atmosphere so special to the school whilst at the same time motivating the children to learn and achieve their best.

  Kate Farnham    

My son is in Reception at St Andrew's and, thanks to the dedicated and caring staff, has very quickly come to feel part of the school 'family'. He is very happy at the school. There is a nurturing atmosphere in which the children thrive and love to learn - a wonderful foundation for their school years.

  Emma Farnham    

Both my boys are at St Andrews now. They love it as do we as parents. It's got an incredible community spirit and the guidance, nurture and learning the children achieve here in their first experience of school life is fantastic. Great staff, great kids and great parents!! What a way to kick off your education.