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Christmas 2018

Photos in church are taken by Matt Chisnall & Sam Powell



It’s time to snuggle up by the fire and see the story of the very first Christmas come to life as Dad reads it to the children on an exciting Christmas Eve. Relive the miraculous story of the birth of Jesus, the baby king. Meet bossy Caesar and his census-takers, the angels, the shepherds and join the kings on their journey as they follow the star and come with wonder and awe to the stable. 

Christmas 2017

Photos in church are taken by Matt Chisnall


There is a good deal of commotion, but plenty of excitement in a Bethlehem stable,

when the animals realise there is a baby in their barn!


The cows, sheep, cats and cockerel all learn about their special guest

from the donkey that brought him and the guests that follow.


As more and more visitors arrive to greet the new king, the animals

slowly realise what a privilege it is to share their home with such an important baby.