Please see below for our latest Ofsted Report which was carried out on 27.11.19.



June 2017

The children enjoyed a visit to Farnham Park. Year 1 and Year 2 were treated to a talk by one of the Rangers to support the science curriculum for KS1. They were very impressed with the ‘real owl wings’ he had to show them!  Reception children spent a fun morning completing rubbings of tree leaves, noticing differences, and collecting flowers, grasses and seeds to discuss seasonal changes.



The whole school walked to Farnham Park. We were so proud of the exemplary behaviour the children displayed, it was fabulous to hear people in the town saying how wonderful they were. The children were given two rules: to follow all instructions and keep safe and have fun! Mrs Smith was very brave and had a go on the zip wire, this is a great achievement for her! Whilst we walked around the park we thought about winter, the children were asked to look at the trees, what was on the ground and what the weather was like. Our thanks go to the many parents who accompanied us, without your support we would not be able to enjoy such exciting adventures!