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Meet the Governors

GST Board Membership

 Larry Peppin - Chair of Governors

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Dr. Trevor Walker


I have six children, all grown-up, or so they tell me. All but one spent at least a part of their education in Farnham schools. I also have nine grandchildren who are all of infant or pre-school age, although only one lives in Farnham (others living as far away as Johannesburg). 

I have been closely involved in primary education all my working life and since ‘retirement’ I still am. I have been the headteacher of four primary schools, a lead inspector for Ofsted and was the principal inspector/adviser for primary education in Hampshire. These days I work for various organisations, including the Diocese of Guildford and the DfE.

I am delighted to be a governor at St Andrew’s CE Infant School. My wife and I attend St Andrew’s Church and the connection between church and school is much valued. The school has a well-deserved reputation for the excellent and caring education that it provides and for the strong sense of community that is promoted. I look forward to playing my part in the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.



Catherine Knight


I am really pleased to be able to support St Andrew’s infant school as a co-opted governor. Our twins started at this idyllic school in 2014 and have enjoyed every day they have spent there. I had gained some insight into school life via volunteering with reading in reception and school trips (which I would recommend) but wanted to learn more about how the school works and develops children locally. We now have three children enjoying a fantastic introduction to school life at St Andrew’s. 

I have worked in destination marketing for the national and regional tourist boards much of my career and now also lecture adults in marketing.

I think it is important parents understand what governors do (and can’t do).



Janet Elliot


I have lived in Farnham since 2009 and I work part time for the Environment Agency. When we chose St Andrews school for our eldest child (who moved at Year 3 to Potters Gate), I still wasn’t convinced about infant schools, although both my husband and I loved St Andrews.  Now I look back on how great it has been for Victoria, and the whole family, and I have changed my mind to being a big fan of small infant schools.  So we were relieved when our youngest Sophie got a place to start at St Andrews in September 2017. I think small infant schools suit certain children better than larger schools.  But more importantly, they give all the children lots of opportunities to do things, like being in the school council and doing solos in assemblies, that they may not get to do until their junior years in a primary school. It’s also great that the whole school is focused on learning in a style that suits the infant years. 

I volunteered to be “Head Gardener” for the school allotment and love being there with the children and seeing them enjoy outdoor learning.  It has been a great experience and has helped me feel part of the school community, interacting with all the children, teachers and teaching assistants. I am now very keen to do what I can, as a parent and a governor, to help support the school, so that Farnham’s children can continue to benefit from its great small infant school experience.



Dr Andria Degia-Davies


I have lived in Farnham town centre for the past 20 years, and doubt I could be persuaded to have a permanent base anywhere else! Our daughter Ava, started at St Andrews in September 2016 and I have been struck by what a nurturing and holistic environment the school offers.  I am excited to become a governor, and look forward to contributing to and learning more about how the curriculum is put together to achieve the positive learning environment that the school has.

In my work life I am a Clinical Scientist, currently managing drug research into Alzheimer ’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. When I do have any spare time (having a husband, a 5 year old, and a 2 year old to manage!) I like to expand my waistline with exotic foods, develop my keen interest in the different gins of the world, and potter in my garden.



David Uffindell

I have lived in town for just two years, since be-coming Rector of Farnham in September 2016. I have been involved in church leadership for over 30 years, in South West London, Surrey and Berk-shire. I have served as Governor in Infant, Primary and Secondary schools in Surrey and in Berkshire; and I was Chaplain for 5 years at St George’s School in Ascot.

A lawyer by background, I am married to Kathryn, who is a secondary school teacher in Hampshire. We have three children, all of whom have benefitted greatly from their education in local church schools.

I am delighted that Farnham Parish has four schools and a university. We are developing healthy relationships with them all.

In St Andrew’s and Potters Gate, our church team engages with the children and staff in our regular assembly programme; and with all our families in our end of term celebration services in St Andrew’s Church. One of my key roles, as a governor, is to make sure we focus on and develop the things which mark our schools out as distinctively Christian. My membership of the Faith team in school is one way of my doing this.



David Edwards


I’ve lived in Farnham with my partner Elaine since 2004, and I became a parent governor at Potters Gate when our son went into Reception Class there three years ago. I work in the theatre as a stage director (and Elaine is an opera singer) so it’s been a huge and fascinating learning curve for me to witness the complexities of the education system at close quarters. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated and brilliant teaching staff at both our schools. I am committed to my governor role, which is both to support and also to challenge, and ensure a safe and happy environment in which all our children can thrive.



Caroline Hobson

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Kathy Pond 


I became a co-opted Governor for Potters Gate School in 2015 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I work in Education – I am a lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Surrey – and have a son at Potters Gate School. Since being a parent and a Governor I have appreciated how important primary school education is in providing the grounding for secondary and tertiary education. I have been working with Potters Gate School on a number of science activities made possible with a Royal Society Partnership Grant between the school and the University. I am fully committed to ensuring both Potters Gate and St Andrews provide high quality education in a fun and nurturing environment. 



Jonathan Wheatcroft 


"I am one of the co-opted governors at St. Andrew's and Potters Gate. With a financial background as a forensic accountant, I provide help and guidance in respect of managing the schools' resources and its finances. As an outsider (I don't live in Farnham), I also provide an independent and objective perspective regarding the running of the schools.

On a personal note, I have three young children who have just started (or are about to start) their own journeys through the education system. It is fascinating to watch their development at this stage and I fully appreciate how important it is for them to learn in a nurturing and stable environment. As such, I feel privileged to participate as a governor at St. Andrew's and Potters Gate and I'm committed to ensuring that my input is constructive to the schools".