GSO Test

Space2Grow May '21

Space2Grow is a beautiful area just on the other side of St. Andrew’s Churchyard and used for the benefit for the local community.

This week St. Andrew's Reception pupils enjoyed their first visit to Space2Grow, as part of their topic: GARDENS. Looking for similarities and differences between their own garden, Gostrey Meadow, Bishop’s Meadow, the view from their window at home & Space2Grow.


A few comments from the children: 'I loved the flowers', 'I don't have a pond at home but I'll ask one for my birthday', 'I would love a garden like this', 'We have strawberry plants too', 'I got lost in the maze', 'Will we be back in time for lunch?'

A teacher said: ‘Seeing those smiles on  the children's faces, yes we are really glad to be back to some normality’. 

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