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School Council

St. Andrew's Vegetable Sale for Oxfam

July 2019

Two ideas came together, the School Council wanting to raise money for “people who don’t have enough to eat” and Waitrose Community Matters team doing a vegetable seeds to school scheme. This gave the pupils a chance to sell the veg they had grown outside the Waitrose store in Farnham. 

In the morning the Reception pupils harvested the crops from the planters in the playground with help from St. Andrew's Head Gardener Janet Elliott.

It was the right time to harvest: Radish, Lettuce, Peas, Pak Choi and Beetroot. 

Many passers by stopped to admire the wonderfully presented stall and the enthusiasm to raise money for the good cause: 'Oxfam'

Whilst in selling mode also the very popular Baking Book and CD with songs sung by St.Andrew's pupils were sold.

At the end of the afternoon the children went back to school with empty baskets, all vegetables were sold out.

£115.11 was raised for Oxfam (from the vegetables) & £34.60 for the school (from the books and CD's)

A big thank you for Waitrose giving us this opportunity on our doorstep, the parent helpers and of course to our wonderful selling team (the children).